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[1x2x1 FIC] Wings: Prologue

Hai, hai! I'm alive, and I have a new Gundam Wing 1x2x1 fic. Enjoy. ^__^

Title: Wings
Author/Artist: by Aki Midori
Pairings: Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell
Rating: PG-13 for now
Shounen ai (boy-boy love), gratuitous use of bad language
Gundam Wing and the characters that I will be using are not my property. I’m using them merely for pleasure and, of course, to share the lu~rve. :3

This story has been gathering molds for so many years now, so I figured it’s time to breathe life into it. Originally, it was supposed to be a SenRu (Sendoh x Rukawa) fic, but recently, I can only imagine Heero and Duo in this story. I’m going to be abusing my artistic/creative license with regards to the angelic / celestial / life-after-death themes, so please bear with me as I go along. So, enjoy, everybody, and I hope you’re not missing Commodore Wilkins too much. ;)

Prologue: Guardian Angel

It was a day like all others, and yet, it was not.

Yeah, well, it’s like this. Have you ever woken up one morning with a really dreadful feeling settling on the deepest pit of your stomach? It’s like the most ill of all omens. Some sort of internal, biological warning of some rather unpleasant things that would come. You’d rise up from your bed thinking, “Oh boy, it’s gonna be one of those days”, and then kaboom! Things would suddenly go downhill from there.
Duo Maxwell, proud owner of the popular Neverland Bookstore, is currently having ‘One of Those Days’, and I’m here to see to it that he gets through it with maximum tolerance and minimal sanity-loss. Of course, with a client as difficult and volatile as Duo Maxwell is, persuading a rabbit to hump a senile horse would be a far easier task, but let’s not go into the details.

But first off, let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Solo. Just plain, simple Solo. No surnames, no second names, no whatever. Just Solo.

And I’m Duo Maxwell’s Guardian Angel.

Are you taking note of the capital letters there? Yeah? Good. I’m his Guardian Angel, and I have to say, I’m damn good at my job. Otherwise, my client would long be joining me in the realm of celestial beings. I’m telling you, it’s no easy feat to keep that boy in line. He did everything short of swallowing a time bomb to endanger himself, never mind the fact that he really doesn’t mean for anything bad to happen. I’ve had my hands full of that guy since the day he was assigned to me, I tell you. If I’m gonna be honest, I’d have to say that I’ve had my hands full of that kid for far longer than that, but again, let’s not go into the details.


Actually, I think I should probably be demanding for a promotion, or something, but knowing what grand (mis)adventure lies ahead of me and my client, it would be best for me to keep my celestial mouth shut, and allow things to fall into place. Or out of place, depending on your point of view.


Something big’s going to happen today, and lots of people would be involved. I’m willing to bet my all that I own- what little I have, anyway- that Duo would probably experience enough heartaches and pain to last a lifetime, and believe me, I’d do anything to prevent that from happening if I could, but there are some things in life bigger than a Guardian Angel’s plan to thwart whatever nefarious plan the Big Boss has in store for my client.

So, however much it would pain me, I gotta have to sit this one out.

Boss said I could help Duo, but I can’t prevent this one from happening.

I don’t know the exact details, but I think this would be changing everybody’s life, for like, forever.

Even mine. I can just feel it.

So, here I am, following one grumpy Duo Maxwell around as he trudges through the crowded streets of Sanc, half-wondering what cosmic joke Boss has in store for us all, and half-trying to save the city from my client’s misplaced ire.

As he burst into his bookstore in all his righteous indignation, huffing and puffing against the world’s injustice, I could only hope that Duo Maxwell would have the strength, the courage, and whatever he damn well needed to get through Boss’ Plan for him.

He’s going to hurt, I just knew it. There has never been a Plan without anybody getting hurt, without any hopes being dashed, without any heart being broken. Believe me, I’d do anything in my power to protect my client from whatever pain, but I could only do so much.
I’m only his Guardian Angel, after all.

So, bring it on now, Boss. I think we’re ready.

Just don’t hurt Duo too much, ok?

I hurt when he hurts.

And that’s not just the Guardian Angel in me talking.

No man, living or not, would ever want anything bad happen to his brother.

Yeah, I was Duo Maxwell’s brother, what?


Post Blahs: How’s that for a beginning? Please tell me what you think. I’ve got another chapter coming along soon, but I’m still spinning the story as I go along. I’ll try to update regularly, but I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep. In the mean time, the review button is right over there… ::winkwink::


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Oct. 29th, 2008 10:18 pm (UTC)
You are seriously spectacular. You capture the feel of Solo just so, and Solo is a damned hard one to write. I am sinply tickled pink at the idea of him being Duo's brother. Seriously. This is fantastic.
Oct. 30th, 2008 06:09 pm (UTC)
*wails* Thank you! You have no idea how much that means to me!

I'm kind of at loss as to how to write Solo, because I never really knew him all that much. I'm trying to write my own rendition of him, so it's actually kind of experimental on my part. I really want to play with Solo-Duo dynamics, this time from an Angel-Client / Brothers perspective. But I have so many damn twists and turns in the story, and I could only hope I could deliver them well.

Thank you for the comment! I'm so glad you liked this story, even though I'm an ass 'coz I only had two chapters up. ^__^ *hugs you*
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